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Bodyright Healthcare opened its doors the year of Y2K. If you don’t remember, that was the year everything was meant to stop! It started with the intention of creating an ethical practice that combined the knowledge and experience from the previous 17 years in private practice, with a strong desire to help people. With a significant interest in education & prevention, Mark began searching for a business identity that described what it is we do! The company name Bodyright came as an epiphany as it describes exactly what we do whether you’re 9 years old or 90.


To be the national benchmark for Allied Health Services. The provider of choice, providing great clinical outcomes through a program of excellence in clinical intervention & education.

Our foundation is built on more than 35yrs of clinical experience, and that’s what  sets us apart. The heart of Bodyright Healthcare is expressed in the company motto which is to “Have Fun, Help People, Make a Difference”. Our culture insists that its ok to have some fun along the way, our work is client centred and it’s all about facilitating change in people.


To build a national team of over 100 Allied Health professionals, that embrace our company core values and behaviours. Moving forwards to a national operation our services will utilize technology and innovation to improve our service efficiency and minimize time delays. Being robust and responsive to the changing healthcare environment will give us the competitive edge to maintain a great customer experience in all circumstances.

We will continually strive to seek out new strategic alliances and referral partnerships so as to grow the group through leverage and cooperation. 

Culture, Core Values & Behaviours

Our culture statement describes the attitudes that we desire and the behaviours we wish to reinforce. We believe in the following attitudes:


We are always looking for ways to improve both ourselves and Bodyright Healthcare. We understand that failure is part of learning. We commit to constantly and incrementally increasing our knowledge, experience and skills so we can be the best. We challenge ourselves to grow and use results to evaluate performance. We are progressive, success orientated and constantly looking for ways to do it better. Through technology and leverage, we sharpen our skills and service delivery to provide the ultimate client experience.


We are open and honest in our communication and call things as we see them. We will only speak with good purpose and will not engage in backchat, sarcasm or gossip. We acknowledge that what is being said is true for the other person. We seek first to understand and then to be understood. Sometimes this is referred to as “Brutal Honesty”.


We are a team that embraces working together towards a common goal. We believe in synchronized energy (Synergy) and are constantly looking for a win-win. We value abundance and know there is more than enough for everyone. If we encounter a problem, we take ownership and look to find a solution and where possible a system-based solution and acknowledge that 94% of problems are system related.


We are a passionate team that is totally committed to helping others through excellence in clinical intervention and education. We love what we do, and it shows in our attitude and communication.

We always like to lead by example and will never advise people to do something that we wouldn’t do ourselves. We will always endeavour to lead the team and clients to their best possible outcome.

Our customer pledge is the corner stone of our service delivery. We aspire to having a reputation that precedes us and embrace the responsibility of “Trusted Allied Health Service Partner”

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